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We have some New Tiny Toy and Teacup Shorkie puppies for sale.

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Shorkies-n-Yorkies come see our Shorkie puppies in my home.
My Mothers and Father are in my home, with a special play yard.
Call Mileen at 601-886-7381

We have had people to drive in the south from: Brookhaven, Canton, Collinsville, Brandon, Diamondhead, Granada, Greenville,
Jackson, McComb, Meridian, Waynesboro, Gulfport, Hattiesburg, Ocean Springs, Olive Branch, Oxford, Starkville, Tupelo,
Vicksburg, Waveland, Mississippi, MS.

Many people drive up from different places in Louisiana: Covington, New Orleans, Baton Rouge,
Hammond, Mandeville, Lake St Charles, Metairie, Monroe, Louisiana.

We will even meet people  who will drive the distance from Atlanta, Georgia, GA. Mobile, Alabama, AL.
Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Alabama, AL.  FT Walton Beach,  Pensacola, Tallahassee,
Florida, FL. Germantown, Tennessee. TN. Memphis, Tennessee, TN. and surrounding areas.
We will usually drive about an hour, both ways.
We meet people part way with their Shorkie puppies.

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The Yorkshire terrier dogs are the Best Buddy, Friend and Companion Dogs.
It is a complete balance of love, nutrition, care, socialization and exercise that measures
the high standard of what quality is.  I am very proud of our achievements
in producing some of the worlds most lovable Shorkies and Yorkies.
Their loyalty and devotion will leave paw prints in your heart forever.

We No longer have Yorkie Puppies for sale.
Candy's Dream is the Mom, and Nemo is the Dad on our Yorkie family page.
You are Welcome to my home to pick up your Yorkie puppy.
Final Payment must be received before your puppy is  10 weeks of age..
Local pick ups also welcome to my home with a set appointment.
We enjoy each and every puppy and we know the love, affection and
laughter that they will bring to their new families.
See the little cute Shorkie Puppies that are currently available. You will see
Shorkie pictures, prices, and descriptions of each available Yorkie Puppy.
All of my Shorkie-n-Yorkie puppies are healthy or they do not leave my home.

We feel it is to everyone's advantage if you personally meet your Shorkie breeder.
This will help you feel good about the home where your Shorkie puppy has
come from. If you have any questions email me.
I check my email every day and will usually reply same day or within 48 hrs.
Bring water, towel, and a wee wee pad for the floorboard.
This is better than a place where strangers have walked.
There will be food on top of the carrier

We hope you enjoy looking through the pages and pictures of our past little
Yorkie Sweethearts and  Yorkshire Terriers. See the Teddy Bear faces of our
Yorkie puppies for sale. My Yorkie Mothers are on Nuvet vitamins when your
Shorkie baby is born and during nursing to enhance their immune system.
I wean my puppies on NuVet vitamins to reduce stress from separation.
Go to google and type in  NuVet vitamins see how many breeders are listed.
A sample supply will be included in with your new Shorkie-n-Yorkie puppies food.

I recommend that you take your puppy to a vet of your choice within the first
48 hours. Your puppy is guaranteed against congenital defects until 1 yr of age.
I will guarantee Shorkie puppies health for 1 year, 2 years, provided you have
continued the use of NuVet. If with in this period if your puppy is found
to have a congenital defect. The buyer may return the puppy with a report from
his or her Veterinarian to me for replacement with next puppy of same value.

Your Shorkie has been raised on Eukanuba Puppy Small Bites Puppy food.
I don't recommend changing the diet of your Shorkie puppy.
Your baby will come with a written health record showing dates of deworming,
type of medication used and all vaccine shots given.
AKC Inspected January 27, 2911
Watch your Shorkie puppy grow
Mileen Coulter/Silver Creek, Ms.
601-886-7381/will roll over to my cell

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These new websites were built not to harass or degrade other breeders.
They were dedicated to Teach or inform the Public about the
Sweetest Loving little Shorkie Puppies around!! Find the perfect Sorkie puppy at Shorkies-n-yorkies,.
Shorkie puppies puppies for sale in Louisiana, Shorkie puppies for sale in Alabama .
Deposit is a commitment to purchase a puppy, therefore is isn't refundable.
yorkie puppies for sale