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Puppy Care
Yorkie Puppies First Days at Home

The ideal time to bring home a new Yorkie puppy is when the house is quiet.
Discourage friends from stopping by and don't allow overnight guests.
First, establish a daily routine for your Yorkie puppy, and follow these steps:

Step 1: Before bringing a Yorkie in the house, take him to the designated potty area in
your back yard and spend a few minutes there. If your Yorkie goes, praise him.
Be sure to take him to this spot each time he potties. Make sure he walks
out the door on his own, so he can find the same spot each time. Be patient
your Yorkie puppy may not go right away. They love to explore for the right spot.

Step 2: Take your Yorkie to the room with his crate. This restricted area will serve as his
new "den" for several days. Put bedding and chew toys in the crate, leave the
door open and line the area outside of the crate with newspaper in case
of an accident. Let your yorkie puppy investigate the crate and the room. If he chews
or urinates on his bedding, permanently remove it from the crate.

Step 3: Observe and interact with your Yorkie npuppy while he's getting used to his new den.
This will help forge a sense of pack and establish you as the pack leader.

Special Yorkie Puppy Concerns
Don't treat a Yorkie puppy as young as 6 to 12 weeks like an adult dog.
Treat your new Yorkie the same way you would an infant with patience,
constant supervision and a loving gentle touch.

The way you interact with your Yorkie puppy at this age is critical to his socialization
Be sure to put your Yorkie puppies dish in the same spot and leave it down for 3-5 days
The new change of surroundings may change your Yorkie puppies eating habits.
Your newYorkie puppy should eat at least 3 times a day.


Hypoglycemia can be prevented.

Small children shouldn't be allowed to play with a young Yorkie puppy for more
than twenty minutes at a time. They should be taught that if the Yorkie puppy is
sleeping, that it needs to take a nap, and to only pick it up when it's awake.
It would be good to get a playpen to keep your Yorkie puppy in until he has
finished with the series of shots. Also, the playpen is a good place to
for times when your away from home. Your Yorkie will have food, water,
and toys to play with while your gone. When you bring your little Yorkie puppy
home, it should be placed away from cool drafts. This is what your Yorkie puppy
has been use to at my home.

Be sure that your new Yorkie puppy should get plenty of rest, food and water,
I usually use corn syrup in their water. This will prevent low blood sugar.
Some people use sugar cubes in the water dish. More is known now about how
to prevent Hypoglycemia. I usually use a high protein food such as Eukanuba
small breed puppy. There is a New Teacup Toy breed puppy food called Bil Jac.
This food comes in moist or kibble form. It's  great for Teacup breeds,
because it has cane syrup, or what is sometimes called Molasses.You should
also have some a tube of Neutrical or other vitamin supplement on hand.

Be sure to put your Yorkie puppies dish in the same spot and leave it down for 3-5 days
after you get it home. The new change of surroundings may change your Yorkie babies
eating habits. Your new Yorkie puppy may eat less because of the change of surroundings.
Some tiny Yorkies nibble often during the day. With the tiny toy or teacup Yorkies,
it's best not to feed just 3 times a day, until they are over 16 weeks of age.

There are special foods you may feed your new Yorkie puppy if you notice that he isn't
eating like you think he ought to eat:

Puppies usually love to eat the following things:
Cottage cheese, Brookshire ice cream,
small pieces of cheese for treats, helps to store fat.
Don't feed doggie treats. This is a complete change of diet.

Low blood sugar in Yorkie puppies, or transient juvenile hypoglycemia,
is caused by fasting (too much time between meals). In rare cases hypoglycemia
may continue to be a problem in mature, usually very small, Yorkies.
It is often seen in Yorkie puppies at 5 to 16 weeks of age. Very tiny Yorkie puppies are especially predisposed to hypoglycemia because a lack of muscle mass makes it difficult
to store glucose and regulate blood sugar. Factors such as stress, fatigue,
a cold environment, poor nutrition, and a change in diet or feeding schedule may
bring on hypoglycemia. Low blood sugar can also be the result of a bacterial
infection, parasite, or Porto systemic liver shunt. Hypoglycemia causes the puppy
to become drowsy, listless (glassy-eyed), shaky and uncoordinated, since the
brain relies on sugar to function. Additionally, a hypoglycemic Yorkie may have
a lower than normal body temperature and, in extreme cases, may have a seizure
or go into a coma. A Yorkie showing symptoms should be treated by a veterinarian
immediately, as prolonged or recurring attacks of hypoglycemia can permanently
damage the dog’s brain. In severe cases it can be fatal.
My guarantee does not cover hypoglycemia or dehydration.

Play Pen Puppy care Method

Keeping your Yorkie puppy safe will help acclimation in its new home.
I suggest a Graco Pac-n-Play playpen to keep it in up off of the floor,where people have walked. This will protect your baby untill it has all of it's shots, and at the same time,
with newspaper in the play pen you will be teaching potty training your Shorkie puppy to use paper to void on. Potty training should be very easy and should be completed by 6
months of age. The play pen will give your Shorkie puppy a safe haven, to keep it in when your not at home. You may also use it when you may visit relatives, or go on a vacation, or even  take your puppy to work with you.

     I suggest that you not leave your puppy alone for more than 4 hours. When you reach home take your shorkie puppy out side. You will be teaching the Shorkie to hold.

We have had people to drive to pick up Yorkie puppies in the south from: Brandon, Jackson,
Mississippi, MS. McComb, Vicksburg, Meridian, Gulfport, Hattiesburg, Ocean Springs, Mississippi, MS

Many people drive up from different places in Louisiana: Covington, New Orleans, Baton Rouge,
Hammond, Mandeville, Lake St Charles, Metairie, Louisiana.

We will even meet people  who will drive the distance from Atlanta, Georgia, GA. Mobile, Alabama, AL.
Montgomery, Birmingham, Alabama, AL.  Pensacola, Tallahassee, Florida, FL.Tennessee, TN. and surrounding areas.
We will usually drive about an hour, both ways. We meet people part way with their puppies.

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