Welcome to Shorkies-n-Yorkies,
With Yorkie and Shorkie Puppies.

We hope to full fill your expectations as Your next
Shorkie-n-Yorkie Breeder.
We have Southern "Home raised. "AKC/CKC  Yorkshire Terriers,
Shorkie tzu, Yorkie-Shih tzu mixed Breed Puppies for sale.

Our Shorkies-n-Yorkies  are "Home raised."
We breed for health, quality, temperament and wonderful personalities
We have three new litters of Yorkie Puppies for sale.
We enjoy each and every puppy and we know the love, affection and
laughter that they will bring to their new families.
We have really been very busy getting the Yorkies ready for their new homes.
Our Yorkies  are mostly all the smaller size Yorkies between 3 -7 lbs grown.
We enjoy prospective Yorkie puppy parents comeing  to our home to play with our
Shorkie and Yorkie puppies for sale. We would rather meet our Puppy Parents.
even if shipping is fast and safe and the Yorkies and Shorkies reach you in a few hours.
We must give our Shorkies and Yorkies their first shots before you come to play with
our Shorkies and Yorkies for sale. You will find that our Shorkies and Yorkies are truely Home raised. Our Yorkie Puppies For Sale including Standard, Teacup and Toy size puppies.
All our Shorkie and Yorkie puppies are raised right in our living room, in Playpens with Baby education toys to stimulate their minds. We love the music and funny noises coming from
my puppies playing with their toys. Our Yorkie and Shorkie puppies  are Loved and
Cuddled every day, and are use to house hold noises 
We have had puppies to ring a bell to go out side within days of reaching their new homes.
Although Shorkies are not pure breed dogs, the parents, of the puppies are.
The difference in a designer puppy and a mutt as some call them, is that the puppies do come from pure breed parents with what is called F1 breeding. It is a well known fact, first generation is generally more robust because of the widened gene pool.
AKC pure breed dogs  are a result of crossing different breeds down through the years. 

The Yorkie and Shorkie Puppies have dew claws removed,
first shots and are dewormed. Our adults range in size from 4 to 10 lbs.

Why I give my dogs and puppies
NuVet Vitamins
We give our Yorkshire Terriers and other moms for the Designer dogs,
Designer puppies or Yorkie mixed breeds: Shorkies, NuVet vitamins
before mating, during Pregnancy, and while nursing their puppies.
Then we wean our Yorkies and Shorkie  puppies for sale, with NuVet vitamins.
We give an optional 2 year guarantee on our Toy Yorkies for sale,
Tiny Toy, Teacup Yorkies and Shorkie tzu puppies for sale.

Started out as
Tea Cup, Tiny, Toy size Yorkies
email Fancypoo4u@aol.com
Mileen Coulter
601-886-7381/cell 691-954-9124
Silver Creek, MS

With  the Sweetest Loving little Shorkie and Yorkie Puppies around!!

We have had people to drive in the south from: Brookhaven, Canton, Brandon, Jackson, McComb,
  Vicksburg, Meridian, Waynesboro, Gulfport, Hattiesburg, Ocean Springs, Mississippi, MS

Many people drive up from different places in Louisiana: Covington, New Orleans, Baton Rouge,
Hammond, Mandeville, Lake St Charles, Metairie, Louisiana.

We will even meet people  who will drive the distance from Atlanta, Georgia, GA. Mobile, Alabama, AL.
Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Alabama, AL.  FT Walton Beach,  Pensacola, Tallahassee,
Florida, FL. Germantown, Tennessee. TN. Memphis, Tennessee, TN. and surrounding areas.
We will usually drive about an hour, both ways.
We meet people part way with their puppies.

Yorkies, Yorkie puppies, Yorkie puppy, Yorkie puppies can be shipped. 
We have shipped Puppies safely to main International Airports in these States,
Arizona AZ. Arkansas AR. Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, California CA. Denver, Colorado, CO.
Florida, FL.  Tallahassee, Sarasota, Ft Myers, Gainesville, Hollywood, Miami,  Jacksonville,
Boise, Idaho ID. Chicago, Illinois IL. Evansville, Indiana IN.  Sioux City, Iowa IA. Topeka,  Kansas, KS.
Louisville,  Kentucky KY. Portland,  Maine ME.  Baltimore, Maryland MD. Boston, Massachusetts MA.
Detroit Michigan MI. Minneapolis,  Minnesota MN. Kansas City, Missouri MO, Billings, Montana, MT.
Lincoln, Nebraska, NE. Reno, Nevada NV. New Hampshire NH. Newark,  New Jersey, NJ.  New Mexico, NM.
NYC, Queens, Rochester, New York, NY. Raleigh, North Carolina NC. Grand Fork, North Dakota ND.
Cleveland, Ohio OH. Tulsa, Oklahoma OK. Portland, Oregon OR. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, PA. Rhode Island, RI
.Greenville, South Carolina, SC. Dallas, Houston, Texas, TX. Salt Lake City, Utah UT. Vermont, VT.
Atlanta, Georgia, GA. Alabama AL.  Richmond, Alexandria, Chantilly, Virginia Beach, Virginia, VA. Seattle, Tacoma, 
Washington, WA. Baltimore, Washington DC, Wyoming, WY. Madison, Wisconsin, WI. West Virginia, WV.

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