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AKC Yorkies, Yorkshire Terriers, Teacup Tiny Toy Yorkie puppies.
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Teacup Yorkie puppies for sale are on the New Yorkies page.
Many of these are Teacup Yorkie puppies they may take longer.
We have teacup Yorkie puppies for sale..

Mileen  Coulter
Your Yorkie Breeder with home raised Yorkies for sale in Mississippi,
Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and near by Gulf coast area.
Started out as http://www.fancypoo4u.com/
Silver Creek, MS.
601-886-7381 or 601-954-9124
Silver Creek, MS.

You may contact us for more information
on our Tiny Yorkshire Terriers, Teacup or Toy Yorkie puppies,for sale or any future
Yorkie puppy, with any Yorkie puppy questions. Our Yorkie puppies are hand raised
from time of birth. They were our babies first. We give our Yorkshire Terriers and other moms
NuVet vitamins before mating, during Pregnancy, and while nursing their puppies.
Then we wean our Yorkie puppies with NuVet vitamins. If you have any other questions
about availability of my Yorkies, for sale, just give me a email or a call,
You may hear my Yorkie puppies playing

We will meet families  who drive the distance from Atlanta, Georgia, GA. Mobile, Alabama, AL.
Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Alabama, AL.  FT Walton Beach,  Pensacola, Tallahassee,
Florida, FL. Germantown, Tennessee. TN. Memphis, Tennessee, TN. and surrounding areas.
We will usually drive about an hour, both ways.
We meet people part way with their puppies.
Mississippi Yorkie breeder with Yorkie puppies for sale can be shipped  safely to;
Intternational Airports in all States. Please go to the contact us page to see about shipping
Your Yorkie puppy to you. Shipping your Yorkie pyppy is fast and safe.
Your Yorkie will leave my home in the morning and reach your loving arms in the early evening hours.

We have the Sweetest
Home raised, Yorkie,Puppies around!

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Yorkies for sale in Mississippi, Yorkie puppies for sale in Mississippi, Yorkie puppies for sale in Alabama,
Yorkie puppies for sale in Louisiana, Yorkie puppies in Mississippi.

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Mississippi Yorkie breeder

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Tiny Toy Yorkie Puppy, Sold to Amy in Pennsylvania
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teacup yorkie puppy
Yorkie puppies for sale
Yorkies for sale
Teacup yorkie puppy
tiny teacup Yorkies
AKC Teacup Yorkie puppy "Draco"
Sold to Aeden in Hollidaysburg, PA
Teacup Yorkies for sale
AKC Teacup Yorkie puppy SOLD to Mary at Keesler AirForce Base, Biloxi, MS
Yorkie puppy in a dress
Tiny Toy Yorkie puppy
Chole is full of love and kisses.

Teacup Yorkies for sale
AKC Teacup  Yorkie puppy
sold to Smallestpoodle4u
Denham Springs, Louisiana
Teacup Yorkie puppies
AKC Teacup Yorkie puppy
Abby 19oz @ 8wk's 3 1/2-4lbs grown
Sold to Lisa in Mandeville, La
teacup yorkies
AKC female Teacup Yorkie puppy. .
Sold to Kharlie, in
Carthage, Mississippi
Teacup female
Teacup Yorkie SOLD to Brandon
in Birmingham, AL Thanks!
teacup yorkie male
Blk/Tan Teacup Yorkie male
Sold to Melinda in Pel City, AL
Gone to live in Memphis, TN