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The Yorkshire Terrier seems oblivious of its small size.
Yorkies can be eager for adventure and trouble. This little dog is highly energetic,
brave, loyal and clever. Affectionate companion with its master, but sometimes
Yorkies can be suspicious of strangers. Yorkies can be aggressive to strange dogs
and small animals. In other words, it has true Yorkshire Terrier heritage.
Yorkie puppies do best with older,considerate polite children.
Yorkies are Highly intelligent dogs and easy to train,
although they can sometimes be stubborn.
The Yorkshire terrier breed is demanding and dependant and needs lots of human attention. The Yorkie is an excellent watchdog, defending its territory in no uncertain manner.
Yorkies can get snappish if surprised, frightened or over-teased by children,
but for the most part of the time are usually very sweet and loving.
The Yorkie likes to bark, but Yorkies can easily be taught not to do so.
Grooming Your Yorkshire terrier Puppy
Weekly grooming and regular trimming of the Yorkie coat is all that is needed to keep
your Yorkie looking neat and trim. Professional grooming of your Yorkshire terrier is not necessary, but may be beneficial for clipping and shaping of the coat.

One of the benefits to the Yorkies silky coat is that it is true hair, not fur like many other dogs. Because the coat is hair, not fur, there is little shedding and may be less problematic for people with allergies. In addition the Yorkie have no undercoat, so is less difficult to bath and groom than other breeds of dogs.

Many Yorkie puppy parents are confused on just what color their puppy is when it comes time to register their Yorkies.  Yorkie Breeders tell their Yorkie puppy parents not to
register their Yorkie puppies till 4-5 months in order to have a more accurate color description for their Yorkie puppy.

Did you know that all Yorkie puppies are born black and gold or black and tan?!
It is very difficult to determine a Yorkie puppy's coloring any time before 12 weeks of age.
This is why many Yorkie breeders contracts have a stipulation that they will not
GUARANTEE color of the puppy.

Many Yorkshire terrier breeders have experience in seeing this color change first hand.
That is because they keep back some offspring and have seen right before their eyes a black and gold puppy can change into a  silver blue by 6 months or 12 months of age.
It does happen, especially if each Yorkshire terrier parent is a different color combo.

AKC recognizes 4 color combinations and that will appear on your puppies application:

* Blue and tan

* Blue and gold

* Black and gold

* Black and tan
The Yorkie puppies colors of silver and silver/blue combinations have picked up in popularity!
IF a Yorkie puppy will be have a lighter color, generally you will see white or silver hairs
coming from the crown/base of the Yorkie puppies head.
It appears around 8 - 10 weeks of age.
Yorkie puppies estimated  weight chart

Yorkies, Yorkshire terriers are Hypoallergenic and don't shed.
Yorkshire Terriers may be tiny but they are a big-dog in a little-dog package.
The Yorkie is an intelligent and confident pet. They are spirited and spunky, affectionate and lively. Although small, they are still terriers! They can be scrappy, courageous and assertive.
They get along with everyone, but they may get nippy if not trained or socialized correctly.
Yorkshire Terriers are compact in size, sweet in nature and cheerful in character.
You may contact us for more information on our Yorkies, Tiny Yorkshire Terriers,
Teacup or Toy Yorkie puppies, for sale or any future Yorkie puppy, with any
Yorkie puppy questions. Our Yorkie puppies are hand raised from time of birth.
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I'm not just here to make Yorkie puppy sales. I am your Yorkie breeder, and I care about my little
tiny Yorkies. They were my babies first, until in entrusted them to your care.

People can pick up Yorkie puppies for sale at my home from and surrounding areas in Mississippi
Families drive up from Louisiana, New Orleans, Louisiana, LA. Baton Rouge, Covington,
Hammond,  Mandeville, Lake St Charles, Metairie, Atlanta, Georgia, GA. We have Yorkie puppies living in homes in:
Mobile, Alabama,  AL. Montgomery,  Tuscaloosa,   Birmingham, Alabama
We have Yorkshire terrier puppies in Florida, FL. Pensacola, Tallahassee,  Ft  Walton Beach,  Memphis, Tennessee, TN.
and surrounding areas. We will meet families one hour with their Yorkie puppies.

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